Valentine’s Photo Card

Having just finished up a photo card for one of my husband’s dear work associates, I thought that I’d post it here. I simply cannot get over how cute her kids are. I found myself just staring at these precious little girls when I really should have been finishing up the dishes. :)

Custom Valentine's Day Photo Card

Custom Valentine's Day Photo Card

It’s a . . .

BOUTIQUE! I feel like I’ve just given birth to my 4th child. It’s a bit intimidating to start this venture, hoping that people don’t reject my child as too “homely.” Nonetheless, nothing ventured, nothing gained. And so, here we go! I truly hope that there are individuals out there who will enjoy my little handmade keepsakes as much as I do.


Just a few more housekeeping items, and this little site of mine will be open for business. It truly has been so fun to design the site from the ground up, but I think that my kids will be grateful to have a bit more of their mom’s time and attention once things are up and running.

I’m off to take pictures of a few more new products. Stay tuned!